Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I was a committed vegan up until several months ago when, for various reasons, I slid back into vegetarianism. I don't feel good about that either. I still eat vegan food 90 percent of the time but I no longer can call myself a vegan. But that is going to change. I'm going back to veganism fully. This means not consuming animal products from: clothing, shoes, makeup, hygiene products, food, beverages, tobacco, gum, cleaning products, etc, etc. And I mean it. I've had a rough year mentally and have not been sticking to my guns about the things I know I care about. I am changing that.

Part of this sentiment has been spurred by my current interest in clothing, styling, fashion, etc. I love the feeling of "dressing up" as if in some sort of costume. I love the creativity that goes into what one chooses to prance around in. However, I'm growing tired of all the obvious and not-so-obvious cruelty and gross excess in the fashionable realm of the universe. With fur being extraordinarily popular in the last few years, with decadence having become en-vogue once more, with pseudo-punks touting leather designer shoes and purses priced in the hundreds and thousands, with everyone pretending they're all so badass whilst deep down they don't really give a damn and aren't much different than any other negligent consumer, I feel I have to make it a point that I want to support and enable a different angle, a more ethical one, one that knows a little something about integrity.

So, I am going to turn this blog into a style blog specifically about the cultivation, expression, and love of style through a lens that is vegan/ethical, blunt, discriminating, sometimes irreverent, and sustainable. I don't know how many fashion bloggers care about such issues but I hope I can make at least a little bit of a difference.


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